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Aircraft Recovery & Removal Services (ARRS, Inc.) is the premier aircraft recovery expert in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. ARRS has been recovering and relocating aircraft for 25 years. Our staff has more than 50 years of combined aviation expertise spanning the spectrum from fabrication, to maintenance, to operation of aircraft ranging in size from single engine general aviation to multi-engine widebody transport aircraft. We understand that improper handling can result in the creasing, bending, or failure of airframe components. Our thorough knowledge of aircraft structures and specialized low-impact equipment assure that your valuable airplane won't be further compromised by improper lifting or towing techniques.

ARRS is part of an international network of emergency recovery specialists skilled in recovering and relocating damaged and/or disabled aircraft (large and small) while carefully mitigating further damage. We are experienced, knowledgable, and well equipped to address a broad spectrum of heavy recovery/disaster emergencies.

(Graphic Text) What We Do:

(Photo) Recovery of a business jet.We rescue and relocate disabled and/or damaged:

  • Aircraft of all types whether commercial, private, or business class
  • Boats and Barges
  • Heavy Equipment

Additionally, ARRS can provide:

  • Load Stabilization
  • Underwater Lifting
  • Land and Sea Salvage

ARRS specializes in recovery operations where where limited space and/or damage mitigation are critical factors.

(Graphic Text) How We Can Help:

  • Our mobile recovery kit can be dispatched 24/7 anywhere in the Texas Gulf Coast region
  • Leasing arrangements can place a recovery kit onsite, on a per-use or calendar basis
  • Trained ARRS operators may be dispatched to your location or you may choose to have your personnel professionally trained by our experts.
  • For recoveries outside our region, we can refer you to a qualified expert in your area.
(Photo) Private plane rescue.
Aircract Recovery and Removal
Telephone Number: 979.848.7468
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